Fall Beauty / Bike Pumps and such

Sterling Valley Loop   Stowe, VT

Here is another glorious ride with a not so glorious ending for us.  Hopefully you can complete it and make a happy ending let me know.  I will give you all the tools to do it.

Lets start with a beautiful warm sunny fall day in Vermont all the leaves are bursting with color and ready to be viewed from no better place than my bike seat.


Sterling Valley ride

My bike partner Andrew and I decided on the Sterling Valley loop which is a beautiful back roads ride away from all the leaf peepers.

We have all of our stuff for the ride camel backs for water, helmets, sunglasses and our bag of tools including my nifty little tire pump just in case.  Looking good we head out on the bike path with all the joggers bikers and baby carriages.   Half way down the bike path we take a right on Weeks Hill Rd.  and climb the steep hill to peaceful Sterling Valley.  As you approach the top of Weeks Hill  beautiful Percy Hill dairy farm is on your right make sure to take a look back at the beautiful views.  Take a right on to Percy HIll Rd. pedal along the dairy farm I love to look at the big fat lazy cows eating all the fallen apples along the way.

Taking a left on to West Hill Rd. look for the Art show which is going on in a beautifully restored barn.  It is hit or miss with this being open but if it is

Inside of a barn Get off and look around at all the paintings, photos and ceramics you will wish you could take one home.   To the side of barn there are beautiful thanksgiving turkeys for sale.  So instead of a painting maybe order an organic farm raised turkey!   Across the street is  Sage Farm goat cheese they make amazing cheeses (try the lavender)  they are open for business on Saturdays only, stop in and say hi it will be worth your visit.

Back in the saddle continue on Weeks Hill Rd. and climb to Sterling Valley Rd. and swing a right.  This is my favorite road to ride in all of Stowe you will see why.   But unfortunately for me this is where my ride turns awry.  Flying down the gravely road *POP* goes the tire.  We stop and assess the situation I seem to have all the tools a tube, tire lever and my new nifty pump.  So I thought no problem let get to it and keep going.  I began to switch the tire out put the new tube in and began to pump.  The little pump that could was not going to work with the valve I had!  I tried 101 ways to use the pump and as hard as I tried the only thing that I got out of it was looking ridiculous and a ride home from some teenage boy……

So lesson learned be prepared make sure have a clue as how to even  change the tire.  FYI the tools are not going to help you if you don’t know how to use them.  Make sure you have the exact tools  you will need to fix your bike.  Not your friends mountain bike.

So if you’re not prepared correctly you will end up looking like this on the side of the road. 

Well, I hope you learn a lesson from my carelessness and YOU complete this awesome ride let me know what you think.

Peace Love and Happy Trails…….


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