Leaf Blowers & Pedal Power

I was thinking this week I would write about something that already happened but could turn out to be a great mental note for next years calendar.

I did not have the pleasure of riding in this year’s  LEAF BLOWER RIDE  but I do think it will make the agenda next year!   We had many friends ride the leaf covered trails at this event with lots of positive reviews.

Leaf blower ride logo

The ride is sponsored by the Stowe Mountain bike club and is held on October 12th in Stowe Vermont over Columbus Day weekend. The great thing about this ride it has a level of riding for everyone.

The 4 levels are

  1. Just Getting Started
  2. Weekend warrior
  3. Everyday Rider
  4. Hard Charger

They also have specific women’s group rides in each level if you don’t want to go with the boys.  But let’s be honest it’s fun to ride with the boys.

Believe it or not they also have daycare available for all those parents who want to ride “Kids Camp” thumbs up to whoever put that together!

Put it on your computer, calendar, phone or store it in that organized place called your brain and mark it off for next year 2014!

The cost is $50.00 and benefits the Stowe mountain bike club that does an amazing job of keeping our mountain bike community together and rolling!


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