S.U.P what?


Welcome to November gray, rainy and the somewhat muted days as we lay in wait for winter and a whole new set of activities.

It’s a good time to gather information on some new toys.   For those of you who don’t know much about stand up paddle boarding I thought I could enlighten you.

It has quickly become the new means to get around a lake or reservoir.

SUP as it is abbreviated was started in in Hawaii and was given the name Paddle boarding  you did not stand on the board you kneeled on the board and used your arms in a butterfly motion to propel yourself.   In 2005 they started to bring the stand up version called the stand up paddleboard from Hawaii to the mainland and it took off.

Never tried it?  Well put it on your list for spring there are many places to take lessons or demo boards in all areas of the country.    The learning curve is small and will appeal to everyone.  The places you can use the boards are endless just think of any of your favorite lakes or reserviors and get going.  A beautiful and serene way to see the scenerey.

Girl doing yoga on a Stand up paddle board

Yoga Girl

Think standing on the board seems boring?  You can step it up a notch and try Yoga on the board.

Let me tell you this is not easy but the  worst that can happen is you fall in the water!  It is an amazing core strength builder and will help with creating amazing balance in your body.

Dog on Stand Up Paddle Board

Need a partner on your board take your dog.  Most dogs love the ride.   But make sure they have a PFD (doggie life preserver)  on especially if you are out far. My dog Nina is an amazing paddler she and I love the  Green River Reservoir  in Hyde Park, VT  she loves a good paddle and will run front to the back of the board until she usually falls off!

If you need or want to buy a board there are many options.  Not sure which board is right for you?   Read up  on what others have to say and ask a lot of questions at the place you will purchase the board.

Yolo stand up paddle board company

One of my favorite board companies is  Yolo
they make great boards with beautiful graphics and have many styles to choose from.

Good luck S.U.P ing not even sure that is a word but I like it.

If you find yourself in Vermont and want to rent a board, take a lesson, or have a tour check out Umiak tours they can handle all aspects of your paddle.

Peace Love and Happy Paddling 


One response to “S.U.P what?

  1. Very cool! I had never even heard of SUP before. I don’t know that I could handle anything that needed me to be that coordinated though. I also really love all the pictures.

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