Peace Love and Tulum

This last week was the wedding of my good friend from grade school and she decided that Playa del Carmen Mexico was to be our destination.  So off we went not knowing to much.  We arrived and were instantly attacked to buy everything and anything from everyone.  Tours, Snorkeling, Drugs, Cigars , Tattos you name it they have it.  Its a beautiful city but we decided after the first day in the city that we would need a little adventure.

I researched some places to go and the Myan ruins in Tulum seemed right up our alley.  We took a cab ride north for about an hour.  Its becomes less city and more jungle.  As we exited the cab in the little sandy town of Tulum we strolled down to the ancient ruins.   Its only about $4 US dollars to get in and its beautiful! Takes about an hour to tour the ruins.  Once your done with the walking you can move on to pedaling and paddling there.  tulum ruins

There is a beautiful bike path in Tulum that you can rent and ride some big cruiser bikes along the bike path.  There are bars, food and entry ways to the most beautiful beaches.  It you pedal down to the beaches there are plenty of places to rent a SUP and do a little ocean paddling.  The waves are small enough to do a little riding on them.  Once you are done with all that you will want a pina colada on the beach and some yummy Ceviche.  There are many little hipster hotels and hippie hostels to choose from they all have beach bars and food. Hotel room

Everything you would want to do on a beach or in the jungle is right there in this beautiful little town.  Don’t take the tours explore on your own and rent your equipment you will have and amazing time.

Peace Love and Tulum..


2 responses to “Peace Love and Tulum

  1. This seemed like such a fun trip! I don’t get to do much traveling, so I always love to hear about trips others have gone on and what they enjoyed. It sounds like I would’ve loved the tour and I can never say no to a little shopping and beach lounging! I’ll have to add Mexico to my trip wish list!

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